JKM Data Solutions is a US based company with US based transcriptionists.  We provide accurate transcription for your company.  Using a company such as JKM Data Solutions gives you reassurance that you are using a quality company for your projects.

Your company can rest assured that your documents are handled with confidentiality.   Any transcriptionist working with us has signed a confidentiality agreement, which we will provide to your company upon request.


We offer many types of transcription such as: Information:
General Transcription - How the process works

- One-on-one interviews
- Lectures
- Sermons
- Insurance

- Rates
- How to upload
Legal Transcription  

- Dictated letters
- Dictated file notes

Medical Transcription  

- Conferences
- Psychology
- Doctor/patient interviews



JKM Data Solutions has provided transcripts to authors, financial corporations, insurance, lawyers. We can cover your next project.